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At GP Farm, we have taken care of providing you with an environment that is best suited for organizing social events. A lush green place outside the urban complexities of the city, GP Farm is a fully equipped facility located near Girnare village off Nashik. Do have a look at some of the services that we provide…


Occasional Parties

Does the idea of throwing a lavish party for your friends and family, at a picturesque venue entice you? Well then, you have landed yourself on the perfect web page on internet! If you have the intent of hosting a party, we have the venue for making it possible.

GP Farm is your ideal party hangout place, which provides you and yours guests with an opportunity to get together, have fun, enjoy your time, and create moments that can be cherished forever.


Private Dining

Along with our hospitality, comes our fine dining area which is presently in the making. A restaurant that serves Indian, Chinese, Continental and International cuisines is being developed to accompany our fully functional holiday paradise.

While we provide catering services to events even now, the restaurant will ensure that we become the leading bed and breakfast inn in Nashik, one of best fine dining places outside the city, and a delight for all our guests!


Conference & Events

The conference hall has been developed and rolled-out with an objective to assist you in going about your business proceedings successfully and meeting your goals.

You can schedule your company’s quarterly, annual or monthly conferences / review meetings at this location, organize training sessions or workshops for your employees. The latest technology in use, combined with the modern day approach that it provides your business with, is the main highlight of GP Farm’s Conference Hall.


Wedding Venue

If you were to meet all those couples got married at GP Farm, remember to ask them about it. While we do not want to brag, we are quire sure that you will receive positive feedbacks. The sole reason behind this confident is the way GP Farm has been constructed and raised as a top-notch farm wedding destination in Nashik.

As part of the service, we provide our clients with options to host wedding ceremonies at our green lawns and by the poolside (Yes, we have a high-end swimming pool too).


Rooms & Accomodation

GP Farm is not just a commercial event venue provider, but also works as a niche hospitality provider in the outskirts of Nashik city. It was the vision of our founders that established GP Farm as a multi-purpose venue to serve every individual coming to us.

We have a modest range of rooms and cottages for travellers who are looking for a peaceful vacation. Check out the various types of accommodation that we offer…


Swimming Pool

Another interesting part of GP Farm as a holiday destination is the swimming pool! It is always a lucrative idea to have one, and that is what made us thrilled. While it is open to our guests, we also rent it for events, parties, family dinners, and much more.

To add to it, our team is coming up with a play area in the vicinity of the farms, which will act as the platform that deepens your bonds as a family, as friends, or as a social group of people to put it in a simpler way.